Warren G Endorses Deez Nuts for President

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Brady Olson, the 15-year-old kid turned presidential candidate, has scored a critical endorsement from Warren G, the man behind the original Deez Nuts skit—and his potential vice president.
Warren G was lying in bed when he realized he could become the Vice President of the United States.

“I was in bed, and the guy on the news says, ‘Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton,” he says. “Then, ‘Deez Nuts.’

“I said, ‘Wow. You’ve gotta be kidding me.’”

Twenty-three years ago, Warren G propelled a joke about nuts into the mainstream when his skit appeared before Dr. Dre’s “Deeez Nuuuts” on the iconic rap album The Chronic.

But last night, Warren G learned his renowned ball joke—two decades later—had gotten hotter than ever:

Deez Nuts was now running for president.

“I was blown away to see something I did as a skit on there. It tripped me out. It really, really, really was a trip,” he says. “And to know that it came from a 15-year-old kid who’s a fan…”

That 15-year-old is Brady Olson, a high school sophomore from Wallingford, Iowa who realized that anyone can file to run for president with the Federal Elections Commission—even if they don’t use their real name or address.

Olson chose the name “Deez Nuts,” then emailed Public Policy Polling asking the company to pit him against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in their next survey. They did.

Deez Nuts garnered 9 percent of the vote in North Carolina.

Now, Warren G—the man who made the phrase famous—says he’s willing to be Olson’s vice president.

“If he wanted me to, I’d ride with him until the wheels fall off,” he says. “Who better than me? I’m ready. Let’s go.”

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Jacob Forbes is a 20 year old hip hop obsessed writer for Daily Rap News. He can’t drink legally, but don’t tell his fake ID that.